About us

Company "Stojkovic Keramika" d.o.o. was founded in April, 2007. We produce and sell bathroom furniture: tiles, sanitary ware, showers, polyester and ceramic tubs, haberdashery, shower batteries...

We have over 80 models of bathroom furniture in our offer in which we include: cabinets in different sizes, kontese with built-in washbasin, shelves, mini-kontese, rotatable shelves which are in different sizes as well, and toilet seats made from waterproof medium-density fiberboard. The furniture is made up from medium-density fiberboard and plywood which are all polythene colored with either high luminosity or matt depending on the need of the customer. The colors are high quality. Usually, the batch production is colored in white. We make lockers optionally, in various colors. We are responsible for the quality, and accept possible complaints within a year.

We are equipped with the most modern machines, CNC machine, Woodworking machine, Thinner , Slider , Painting Chamber.

    The firm owns a retail object in:
  • Mladenovac

The firm owns a retail object in Mladenovac. We are hiring around 40 workers. We ship all the goods to our customers to the address they want.

We ship the goods throughout Serbia as well as abroad.